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Passion, Knowledge and Experienced Robyn Phillips-Hickman, owner of Zouzouni Beauty, LLC, is a licensed esthetician, and has worked in the esthetics industry for over 20 years as a Sales Rep, Educator and Sales Manager. She has sold medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, salons and spas. Through her experience, she has built strong, lasting relationships with a large number of contacts in the industry, and has gained extensive knowledge across a broad range of products. She has developed a keen eye for, and is constantly on the lookout for, new and innovative products and trends.

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Zouzouni Beauty’s unique character comes from its select group of niche products and an intense focus on excellent customer service, which includes product training, open house/event participation where possible and 24/7 availability for contact..

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The word “Zouzouni” is a Greek word meaning “little, determined bug”. It is used sometimes as an endearing term toward another person. Zouzouni Beauty, LLC, is named after the owner’s mother, Catherine, who was a determined, never give up, hardworking and beautiful person inside and out. Her nickname was “Zouzouni”. She was successful at every endeavor she undertook because she never gave up. She passed on her work ethic and values to Robyn and we at Zouzouni Beauty, LLC, strive to be as much of a “Zouzouni” as she was.
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